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Simple Ways To Unclog Blocked Drains

Simple Ways To Unclog Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are daily household problems. If they are left unattended for a longer period they can cause damage to pipes, foul smell and even overflow waste inside of a home. As soon as a blocked drain is suspected, it is always recommended to unclog the blocked drains on priority. There are numerous ways to unclog drains, in extreme cases people take help from external hire to unclog the drains whereas it can be done at home with easily available household items or specially manufactured unclogging products. Here we will describe some common methods to unclog drains.


The plunger is the most simple and common tool for unclogging block drains. The plunger is mostly operated by hand, and the up-down pressure mechanism creates a vacuum in the drain, which moves the blockage and unclogs the drain. It is most effective for solid blockage but is not effective against grease or mineral deposits. As grease and mineral get stuck to the pipe and can’t get scrape by a plunger.

Hot water

The second most common method is by utilizing water. Heat the water till its boiling point and the quantity of water should be with sufficient proportion respect to drain size. After boiling the water, pour it directly on the drain, the pressure of flowing water and heat will help remove the solid blockage and even scrape some grease on the pipe. But in case of extreme blockage, it is not effective.

Wire Hanger

Another common tool for unclogging blocked drains. Take a wire hanger, bent it to convert into the wire. Then the wire will be inserted in drains and up-down motion will help to push blockage downward. But again this solution is workable for soft blockage and where the drain pipe is small. This is not applicable for heavy drain pipes and also very tedious to do. 

Caustic Solution

There much caustic soda liquids available in the market which are used for unclogging a household drain. This solution contains a caustic based chemical solution. After pouring the solution in blocked drains and leave the solution in the drain for some hours or overnight. Then Water will be poured preferably hot water. As the chemical reaction of the caustic solution softens the blockage and hot water can put pressure to remove the blockage. It is also helpful for grease and mineral deposit blockage.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This solution can be prepared at home, by mix one-third baking soda with one-third vinegar in a cup and pouring it in a blocked drain. The chemical fizzy reaction will loosen up the blockage like hair, gunk or grime, etc. The solution will be left in the drain for an hour or more and then hot water will be poured. It can be said as an alternate of caustic cleaners for drains, but this can be prepared at home. Again this is effective for mild blockage and not workable against solid blockage.

These are some common methods to unclog blocked drains. In the case of extreme blockage, plumber in Geelong can be contacted, as they have appropriate tools and expertise to tackle unusual situations.

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